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Research Reports

1997 – “Israel and the Synagogue” The Israel Experience, 25pp.

1994 – “The Teen Israel Experience” C.R.B. Foundation 200 pp.

1992 – “Jewish Unity and Diversity: A Survey of American Rabbis and Rabbinical Students” Institute on American Jewish-Israeli Relations, American Jewish Committee, 67pp.

1990 – The Haredim: Who Are They and What Do They Want?” co-authored with Menachem
Friedman for the American Jewish Committee, 65pp.

1986 – “Jewish Disunity: An Overview and Analysis,”
Report for The American Jewish Congress, 24pp.

1984 – “The Jewish Family: An Overview,” Research Report Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture,50pp.

1983 – ” Inside the Jewish School: A Study of the Cultural Setting for Jewish Education,” Research Report American Jewish Committee, 50pp.

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